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ethics management

Ethics management is much more than just managing the intake of complaints and allegations. It is about building a culture of ethics. Therefore, awareness campaigns, visibility to the ethics promotion efforts and strong belief of everyone in and around the entity are some of the tasks that could be undertaken to keep the ethical compass of the organization at the desired level.

It is not necessary that an organization has to roll out the ethics management programme in one go. Ideally, the entities which take the step-by-step approach may report spectacular achievements.

Ethics management involves for example laying emphasis on right tone at the top, making available channels of communication to stakeholders for reporting wrong doing, rewarding those who constructively whistle blow, promptly punishing those involved in the wrong doing, adopting code of conduct and ethics policy and offering a financial disclosure programme.


09 August, 2011
VAT fraud businessman Israr Javid faces jail in UK
A Glasgow businessman, Israr Javid, 42, has been convicted of a £760,000 tax....
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July 2011
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