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What is ethical mentoring?
Mentoring is all about one-on-one guidance from an experienced person to a relatively junior executive. It may be in relation to technical matters or administrative ones. Ethical mentoring works on the same principles, but has a niche relationship that is privileged. It impacts your ethical mind and prepares you to take difficult decisions having ethical dimensions hitherto not comprehensively explained, academically. Executive behaviour in everyday work-life often has to be balanced between business needs and ethical principles. Whereas one wishes to remain ethical in one’s business dealings as required by the code of ethics of the organization, many a times one is not sure about certain delicate issues of what is right and what is wrong.

Large organizations who are steered by a set of ethical values normally engage dedicated ethics officer to guide their staff members. Executives, particularly in their formative years would not like to take decisions that may be subsequently questioned on ethical parameters and therefore they feel encouraged by such dedicated facility. An arm’s length unbiased and timely advice that comes from someone who is experienced and well-respected assures the executive in taking the decisions. However, many organizations do not have the luxury of setting up their dedicated resources. There also remains an issue of familiarity with the entity executives impacting on the ‘unbiased advice’ over a long period of time. The Red Flag ethics mentoring service seeks to fill the void.

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09 August, 2011
VAT fraud businessman Israr Javid faces jail in UK
A Glasgow businessman, Israr Javid, 42, has been convicted of a £760,000 tax....
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July 2011
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