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We encourage you to read the Terms & Conditions before filing your report. Please read the Guidelines on how to remain anonymous while making the report on the wrongdoing.
Terms & Conditions

This website is owned and operated by EthicsCall and is made available on the following terms and conditions. By using the website you accept these terms and conditions.




Guidelines on how to remain anonymous while making the report

  • Please affirm that you wish to remain anonymous by checking the appropriate box on the page that collects information about the person making complaint and/or allegation.

  • Do not include information that directly leads to discovery of your identity, such as your working relationship with the person against whom the complaint or allegation refers.

  • Avoid mentioning your official position in the organization chart.

  • Never undertake investigation of the suspected issues yourself.

  • Do not mention to colleagues or others that you have reported the matter to the Ethics Call facility.

  • Do not share your confidential reference number generated by TheEthicsCall.net upon successful report made by you.

  • Do not access TheEthicsCall.net from office computer or use office telephone lines for making the complaint/allegation. TheEthicsCall.net is available 24x7, 365 days. After office hours are more appropriate for maintaining anonymity.

  • Avoid reporting issues on behalf of a group/ Union/branch office. Your identity will in all probability be disclosed sooner than you anticipate.

  • In case of investigation subsequent to your complaint or allegation, behave normally and cooperate with the investigation team without disclosing the fact about your having made the complaint/allegation

Yes, I agree to the terms and conditions relating to making of the report. I affirm that I have read the guidelines on how to  remain anonymous for this report.