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Capturing suggestions from employees is important to promote excellence, innovations and transparency in the organizations particularly those that are R & D oriented entities, academic institutions or companies engaged in developing commercial applications such as drugs, patents and trade marks.

It is not uncommon to find blatant plagiarism or outright misappropriation of original ideas of others for personal gain or reputation which rightfully may belong to someone else. Many times, those who come up with brilliant ideas do not have the voice or not taken seriously for different reasons and hence their ideas remain in the shadows.

The Suggestions Capture service seeks to fill this void. It encourages the reporting of ideas and suggestions that are systematically assessed by the internal committee of the organization. The process itself is transparent and the due credits are afforded to the right person. The due diligence built in the EthicsCall system of suggestions capture takes care of competing claims and ensures fair play.

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09 August, 2011
VAT fraud businessman Israr Javid faces jail in UK
A Glasgow businessman, Israr Javid, 42, has been convicted of a £760,000 tax....
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July 2011
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