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‘Netra’ - An Overview

NETRA (Net Enabled Tracking of Resource Application) allows the management to keep track record of all the schemes/projects being implemented under the department. The system allows all the stakeholders of the project, view the status of the project at various stages on Real time basis. The scope of solution includes review of records and allocation & utilization of funds under the schemes, evaluation of the project performance, and to ensure transparency in the implementation of programmes. It also focuses on identifying the problems, if any, in the implementation of the programmes and projects.


Key Features

Why 'Netra' ?

Isolated Systems designed to manage specific project and it is almost impossible to consolidate information from all these systems.

Drowning on data and starving of information, project systems focus too much on collecting, organizing and reporting data giving little time to critically analyze the information and make sound decisions.

High Expectations, people involved in the collection of data receive high expectations as to the value of the data requested from them, only to never see the information come back.

Technology Myopia, expectations that technology will be the final solution has led to an inappropriate focus that resulted in spending more time in managing the technology than managing the information.

No Standard MIS Process, the lack of a standard process has led to the development of many systems each with its own processes, all disconnected from each other.

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