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Telephone and Fax: India's country code is 91. The outgoing international code from India is 00. The U.S. country code is 01. International Direct Dialing service is available across India, either in hotels or from government-authorized phone stalls, called STD booths, which can be found on every major road or in most shopping areas. These booths often also have fax, photocopier, and Internet services. Fax facilities are available throughout India. Charges are levied either on a per page flat rate or as a surcharge over and above the cost of the phone call.

Cellular Telephones: Cellular phones are common in urban areas of India, and are becoming more common in rural areas as well. One can buy or rent cellular phones in India, and both international airports to Mumbai and Delhi offer both rental and purchase services on the premises.
There are several major cellular companies operating in India, including Birla AT&T and BPLMobile. The cellular standard used in India is the same as that which is used in Europe, commonly known as GSM. Most cellular phones used in the U.S. employ digital or analog services and would not be compatible with the Indian system. Contact your cellular phone manufacturer to determine compatibility.
For a comprehensive survey of cellular service in India, see:
Internet and E-mail: All cities and some villages will have Internet cafes, sometimes combined with telephone and fax service. Dial-up, DSL, and cable-modem service are also available in India for home and business use. The largest distributor of Internet access is the central government agency, Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL). VSNL recently announced full Internet connectivity to six different categories of users which include students, professionals, non-commercial, commercial, and software exporters, and Internet service providers. Connectivity speeds range 56k dialup to 128k leased line. For more information, visit this site: Another option is the Education and Research Community Network (ERNET). To contact them, visit: For a list of servers in India, see: Many companies lease space from VSNL and provide Internet service to homes and businesses. One of the most popular that also offers high-speed access is DishnetDSL. You can contact them at:

Telegram: International 24-hour service is available from large hotels and telegraphic offices in major cities.

Postal Service: Airmail service to/from the United States can take between one and two weeks for delivery. Allow extra time if you are shipping goods. Indian stamps are sold at the post office directly and often at larger hotels.

Courier Services: There are many private courier services throughout India that are reliable and inexpensive. Major international courier services (which also have internal services) are Blue Dart (Federal Express) and DHL.

Press:Many newspapers are in English and are sold at newsstands and in bookstores throughout India.
The most important include:
The Economic Times
The Times of India
Indian Express
The Hindu
Hindustan Times
The Deccan Herald
The Telegraph
The Statesman

In major cities, the International Herald ( is sold, as well as Newsweek, Time, and other international magazines.

For an on-line resource for Indian news outlets, visit: http: //

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